Aras - Holy Black Metal


Genre: Black Metal
Country: Iran
Year: 2006
Type: Full Lenght

It shows:
Darkthrone (Transylvanian Hunger Cover), Burzum (Varg Vikernes), Nargaroth
(Kanwulf) - upper row
Mayhem (Dead's suicide on the cover of "Dawn of the Black Hearts"), Immortal
(Sons of Northern Darkness Cover) - middle row
Mayhem (De Mysteriis Dom. Sathanas Cover) - lower row


1.Once Emperor (Burzum cover)

2.Freezing Moon (Mayhem cover)

3.Manchmal Wenn Sie Schläft (Nargaroth cover)

4.Beyond the North Waves (Immortal cover)

5.En As i Dype Skogen (Darkthrone cover)


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