Enid - Enid Demo - (1997)


Genre:[Symphonic Black Metal with medieval influences]
Year: 1997
Country: Alemania
Type: Demo

Music by Martin Wiese, June-August 1997, except for „Nahe Avalon“ written by
Summoning as „The passing of the grey company“.
Lyrics taken from „The Book Of Merlin“ and „The Book Of Camelot“.

Recording line-up:
Martin Wiese (programming and vocals).

Recorded in August 1997 at Wiesensound Homerecording, Porta Westfalica.
Released in September 1997 in an edition of 200 copies.
Sold out

01 - Satan And Candida (Intro)
02 - An Myrrddhin
03 - Brosélîawnd
04 - Enid (Instrumental)
05 - Nahe Avalon (Summoning cover - "Passing Of The Grey Company")

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