Judas Iscariot - Heaven In Flames (1999)


Genre:Black Metal
Year: 1999
Country: United States of America (DeKalb, Illinois)
Type: Full-length

Judas Iscariot is Akhenaten

All music and lyrics written by Akhenaten

Red Stream released the final CD version of this album in 1999.
At War Records released an advance tape version (without keyboards) in 1998.
LP version issued in 1999 by End All Life Productions in 200 hand-numbered

01 - An Eternal Kingdom of Fire
02 - Gaze Upon Heaven in Flames
03 - Eternal Bliss...Eternal Death
04 - Before a Circle of Darkness
05 - From Hateful Visions
06 - Spill the Blood of the Lamb
07 - An Ancient Starry Sky

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