Necronomusick IV Kósmos - The Brazilian Dark Ambient Music Occult Compillantion


Ano/ Year: 2010
Gênero(s)/Genre(s): Dark Ambient
Origem/Origin: Brazil
Current label: SBDAM

I: Mind Shit Noise - "Cosmic Wisdom Harmless"
II: Silentio Deum Cole - "Saturn"
III: Cpt. Benny David - "Science Fiction From Outer Space"
IV: God Pussy with KalvaryBass 666 - "Rלמيח3GKהקXוסמיתXالكורDونBةP"
V: Moloch - "Funeral In Pluto "
VI: Posthuman Tantra -"Parallel Universes & Eternal Collisions"
VII: Derian Finire - "O Virtuoso"
VIII: Desert Old Garden - "Sirius"
IX: Görium - "Obscure Emissions From Venus"
X: Nix's Eyes - "Chaotic Ether Growing On The Formless Matter"
XI: A Lifetime Of Trials - "Mesmerized By The Inner Abyss I"
XII: Anti-Matt3r - "Fótons De Alcion"
XIII: Necrotik Fauna - "Universo, O Paradoxo"
XIV: Gabbrielleschi - "Sailing The Solar Wind While Capturing Barking From Laika Through The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation"
XV: Abismo - "Órion... No Vazio Extinto Das Estrelas..."

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